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Winning hard cases through hard work.

Meet Our Team

Ryan King

Winning Hard Cases through Hard Work

The way Ryan King practices law proves Vince Lombardi’s adage: “The dictionary is the only place that success comes before work.” Since his first days as a lawyer—when he was thrusted into the firm’s high-profile defense of a major drilling contractor in the BP oil-spill litigation—Ryan’s tireless work ethic enabled him to go further and thrive as a new lawyer.

That same work ethic remains a cornerstone of Ryan’s continued success. To be clear, Ryan doesn’t measure his success as a lawyer by the number of accolades he receives or the hours he bills. Success for Ryan means achieving results for his clients. And by that measure, he is proud of what he’s accomplished. Ryan’s hard work protected the owner of a small business from a ruthless bank trying to collect on an unlawful debt. Ryan’s hard work powered the firm’s outstanding recovery for a rice farmer whose farm was decimated when a gas well blew out and soaked his rice fields with saltwater. Ryan’s hard work propelled the firm into winning Texas’s fifth-largest breach-of-contract jury verdict in 2013. That was Ryan’s first trial, and the jury returned a $1,642,877 award after a business was crippled by a bank that refused to fund a promised commercial loan. These are just a few examples of Ryan’s professional successes. And rooted in each was his commitment to work hard for the clients.

Ryan’s hard work propelled the firm into winning Texas’s fifth-largest breach-of-contract jury verdict in 2013.


Ryan’s relentless work ethic is no doubt a product of his upbringing. Ryan grew up in Deer Park, Texas as one of four children. His mother was a teacher; his father, a school administrator and football coach. Since he was only four years old, Ryan devoted his time and energy to school and sports. He was eventually recruited on a scholarship to play soccer at the esteemed Virginia Military Institute, where he graduated with honors. He then studied law at South Texas College of Law. There he acquired technical skills in the art of advocacy while training in South Texas’s legendary Advocacy Program. Representing South Texas in advocacy competitions throughout the country, Ryan was routinely recognized for his advocacy skills—being named, for instance, as one of the best brief-writers in the nation.

Ryan prides himself on practicing law with the discipline and honor of a VMI cadet, the skill and training of a South Texas advocate, and the values and ethics that his parents instilled in him. The results speak for themselves.