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Solving complex cases with modern methods.

Meet Our Team

Avi Moshenberg

Solving Complex Cases with Modern Methods

Avi Moshenberg practices law with a fresh approach. He unapologetically rejects tired law conventions that complicate matters just so lawyers can sound lawyerly. Instead, Avi goes further by applying modern techniques that research has proved to work.

So far Avi’s new-age approach has succeeded resoundingly. He aided in recovering considerable money owed to a partner at a prominent law firm ensnared in a thorny commercial dispute. He forced a home-warranty company to repay a young married couple the astounding costs to replace their home’s sewage line after the company denied coverage wrongfully. He held a major international bank accountable for deceptively overcharging mortgage-insurance premiums to a homeowner. He enabled one of the largest pipeline companies in the world to recover money a business owed but fraudulently transferred. And he helped taxpayers compel the board of their cash-strapped school district to disclose publicly how it’s spending over a million taxpayer dollars to rename a few schools.

Avi enabled one of the largest pipeline companies in the world to recover money a business owed but fraudulently transferred.


Avi graduated summa cum laude from the University of Pittsburgh Honors College in three years with honors. He then earned his law degree from South Texas College of Law, where he finished in the top 10% of his class. Outside of the classroom, Avi concentrated on becoming a practice-ready attorney. He polished his research and writing skills as a member of Law Review. He clerked for esteemed lawyers and interned at the First Court of Appeals of Texas. And he acquired first-class advocacy training while competing for South Texas’s nationally renowned Advocacy Program.

For the last 35 years, the Advocacy Program has been the top training program in the United States for mastering advocacy skills in writing, research, oral argument, and trial. As a South Texas advocate, Avi distinguished himself as a writer and an oralist. Competing in mock-trial and moot-court tournaments around the country, he won a national championship, earned brief-writing awards, and was recognized as one of the top speakers in the nation. He was selected to the National Order of Scribes for his writing talents and the Order of the Barristers for his oral-advocacy skills. Avi now gives back to the Advocacy Program by serving as an adjunct professor of appellate advocacy—preparing students not only to compete in moot-court tournaments but also to become future lawyers.