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For Litigators Going to Trial

Trial looming? Our trial team can help try the case and maximize the chances of winning. Whether trial is months away or days away, our firm’s trial assets equip us to help law firms prepare their cases for trial and, if desired, to help try these cases forcefully and effectively.

Our eagerness to try cases is our hallmark. Led by Danny Goforth, who’s tried countless cases—including with legendary trial lawyers like Joe Jamail, Wayne Fisher, Ernest Cannon, John O’Quinn, and Mark Lanier—the firm’s trial record has earned it a reputation as an elite trial boutique.

This status is more vital than ever. Litigators today often avoid trial for fear of losing. This aversion for trial is of course understandable. But the reality is that avoiding trial for that reason may disserve the client—especially when it results in lawyers steering their clients toward bad settlements. Meanwhile having the courage to try cases may lead to not only winning at trial but also (and more typically) settling on better terms.

So firms looking to go further in their next trial should contact us to learn how we can help.