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Personal Injury

Where Experience Matters

Nowhere does our rich experience advocating for both defendants and plaintiffs matter more than in our personal-injury cases. That experience helps us go further because we understand the other side’s strategies, hurdles, strengths, and weaknesses. In personal-injury cases especially, that gives us a tactical advantage.

How experienced are we litigating personal-injury cases? Here’s a taste:

  • Oilfield Injuries. We know how to prosecute and defend personal-injury claims arising from oilfield incidents. In fact, whether offshore or onshore, our expertise in well-blowout cases is unrivaled. Following the offshore-rig explosion that resulted in the infamous BP oil spill, our firm was retained by the driller that owned the rig to defend the thousands of claims that flooded in, including maritime claims by the families of rig workers killed in the blast. Our lawyers essentially lived in New Orleans for two years litigating the ensuing claims—taking hundreds of depositions; reviewing hundreds of thousands of pages of documents; meeting with dozens of experts in technical areas like cement operations, drilling safety, and drilling operations; and discovering which parties were actually responsible for the blowout. Indeed, Danny Goforth was appointed a member of the national Defense Steering Committee, steering the driller’s defense in one of the worst oil-and-gas disasters in history.
  • Truck Wrecks. Perhaps one of the most inescapable dangers threatening the public is an 18-wheeler piloted by an inattentive truck driver. Every day it seems these massive freights are driven carelessly, injuring and killing innocent people. Our firm is experienced in holding trucking companies accountable for truck drivers that negligently harm these undeserving passengers.
  • Car Crashes. Whether they’re intoxicated, texting, speeding, or just distracted, we’re all familiar with the reckless drivers that plague our roads. Too often, unfortunately, the negligence of these careless drivers causes injury and death to faultless people who couldn’t avoid a crash. Making sense out of the senseless tragedies that result can be hard enough. Finding justice after the fact can be almost impossible. We know how to take on the insurance companies and find justice for the victims of car crashes. Our track record proves it.
  • Pharmaceutical Injuries. We’ve led nationwide lawsuits against greedy pharmaceutical companies that endangered the public with unsafe drugs. We’ve gotten these pharmaceutical companies to disclose publicly how unsafe these drugs can be. We’ve gotten pharmaceutical companies to pull these drugs off the market. And we’ve gotten pharmaceutical companies to compensate victims of their dangerous drugs.
  • Heavy-Equipment Accidents. We’ve represented manufacturers of cranes, man lifts, bucket trucks, digger derricks, crane trucks, boom trucks, and aerial-work platforms in lawsuits where the equipment allegedly harmed construction workers and bystanders. So we know how to manage the complications that inevitably erupt in cases involving heavy-equipment accidents.
  • Electrocutions. We’ve often represented manufacturers of power-line-repair equipment in lawsuits where repair workers were electrocuted. So whether a person is shocked by a power line while trimming a tree; a worker is burned while fixing a power line; or a passerby is killed by a downed power line that’s still live, our expertise equips us to litigate virtually any electrocution case.
  • Defective Products. When it comes to litigating products-liability cases, our firm’s experience is second to none. We’ve defended ladder manufactures in lawsuits where people claimed they were injured by defective ladders. We’ve represented manufacturers of allegedly defective clothes dryers and air-conditioning units that caught fire and injured people. We’ve sued auto manufacturers for producing defective seatbacks that failed on rear-end impacts and injured passengers. We’ve defended tire manufacturers whose allegedly defective tires had blowouts—causing cars to rollover and injure passengers. We’ve also defended car-seat manufacturers and ATV manufacturers against product-defect claims. Simply put, we have the knowledge and experience to handle practically any products-liability case.

The claim could deal with strict products liability, gross negligence, or standard negligence. The injury could involve a bulged disc, a broken bone, a severed limb, a disfigurement, trigeminal neuralgia, PTSD, or a wrongful death. The damages sought could be punitive, lost wages, incurred medical bills, mental anguish, or pain and suffering. The client could be an accused company, an injured person, or a grieving family. No matter the facts, for knowledgeable advice and experienced advocacy in personal-injury cases, clients should look no further than Goforth King Moshenberg.

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