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Commercial Disputes

Protecting the Commercial Rights of People and Businesses

Every day, people and businesses exercise their commercial rights. In seemingly infinite transactions, they deal, trade, sell, buy, loan, lease, consume, bank, serve, warrant, rent, hire, fire, collect, foreclose, invest, negotiate, build, insure—the list goes on.

And when disputes erupt over whether those rights were infringed upon, our commercial litigators are here to help—just like we’ve done so often in the past. Our team has:

  • helped royalty owners in oil-and-gas disputes get the royalties they were entitled to;
  • prosecuted claims against and on behalf of businesses, executives, officers, and shareholders in breach-of-contract and related business claims;
  • recovered for policyholders against insurance companies and home-warranty providers that wrongfully denied coverage;
  • defended business professionals that were wrongly accused of violating their professional responsibilities;
  • prevailed on behalf of consumers victimized by the deceptive trade practices of crooked businesses;
  • protected honorable businesses in cases where accusers have alleged their property was damaged by tortious business activities;
  • aided employees harmed by their employers’ illicit work practices;
  • safeguarded businesses and their employees against breach-of-contract and similar commercial claims;
  • advocated for business partners rapt in partnership disputes;
  • championed for ordinary people in breach-of-contract cases and related claims;
  • shielded bank customers from banks exercising questionable banking practices like illegally collecting on debts and overcharging mortgage-insurance premiums; and
  • fought for land owners against businesses that injured their property with gas-well blowouts, unbearable nuisances, wrongful foreclosures, and illegal trespasses.

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